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The Vanilla Fudge Years (1967-1970)
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Mark Stein & The Pigeons
While The World Was Eating Vanilla Fudge (1970)
WAND WDS 687 (Actually recorded in 1966 or 1967)

Mark Stein: Organ, Vocals
Tim Bogert: Bass
Vince Martell: Guitar
Joe Brenan: Drums

Midnight Hour (Pickett-Croper) [Real Audio Clip]
Good Lovin' (Resnick-Clark)
I Who Have Nothing (Mogol-Leiber-Stoller) [Real Audio Clip]
Upset The People (Inez Foxx-Charlie Foxx)
Mustang Sally (Rice)
You're My Soul And Inspiration (Mann-Weil)
About Me (Pomus-Kooklas) [Real Audio Clip]
Don't Look Back (Robinson-White)


Boomerang (1971)
 RCA LSP 4577

Produced by Boomerang
Executive Producer: Bob Ringe

Mark Stein: Organ, Piano, Vocals
James Galluzi: Drums, Percussion
Richard Ramirez: Lead, Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars
Jo Casmir: Bass and Vocals

Juke It (Stein-Galluzi-Ramirez) [Real Audio Clip]
Fisherman (Stein)
Hard Times (Stein-Galluzi-Ramirez) [Real Audio Clip]
Mockingbird (C. & I. Fox) [Real Audio Clip]
Cynthia Fever (Stein-Galluzi-Ramirez-Brennen)
Brother's Comin' Home (Stein) [Real Audio Clip]
New! The Peddler (Stein-Galluz-Ramirez) [Real Audio Clip]


Tommy Bolin
Private Eyes (1976)
Columbia PC 34329 (reissued on CD: Columbia CK 34329)

Produced by Tommy Bolin & Dennis MacKay

Tommy Bolin: Guitars, Acoustic Piano & Lead Vocals
Mark Stein: Keyboards & Vocals
Norma Jean Bell: Saxaphones, Percussion & Vocals
Bobby Berge: Drums & Percussion
Bobby Hall: Percussion
Carmine Appice: Drums
Reggie McBride: Bass, Vocals

Bustin' out for Rosey (Tommy Bolin)
Sweet Burgandy (Tommy Bolin-Jeffrey Cook)
Post Toastee (Tommy Bolin)
Shake the Devil (Tommy Bolin-Jeffrey Cook)
Gypsy Soul (Tommy Bolin-Jeffrey Cook)
Someday Will Bring Our Love Home (Tommy Bolin-John Tesar)
Hello, Again (Tommy Bolin-Jeffrey Cook)
You Told Me That You Loved Me (Tommy Bolin)


The Tommy Bolin Band
Live at Ebbets Field 1976
Tommy Bolin Archives TBACD-2

Tommy Bolin: Guitar, vocals
Mark Stein: Keyboards, vocals
Narada Michael Walden: Drums, vocals
Norma Jean Bell: Saxaphone, vocals
Reggie McBride: Bass, vocals

People People
The Grind
Wild Dogs
New! I Fell In Love (Mark Stein original song, Mark on lead vocal) - [Real Audio Clip]
Marching Powder
Homeward Strut


The Tommy Bolin Band
Live at Northern Lights Studio 9/22/76
Tommy Bolin Archives TBACD-4

Tommy Bolin: Guitar, vocals
Mark Stein: Keyboards, vocals
Narada Michael Walden: Drums, vocals
Norma Jean Bell: Saxaphone, vocals
Reggie McBride: Bass, vocals
Jimmy Haslip: Bass
Johnnie Bolin: Drums

People People
You Told Me That You Loved Me
Wild Dogs
Shake The Devil
Post Toastee
Homeward Strut


Dave Mason
Mariposa de Oro (1978)
CBS Records JC 35285 (reissued on CD in 1996 on One Way Records A26887)

Produced by Dave Mason for Mystic, Inc.
& Ron Nevison for Gadget Productions. Inc.

(Varies from track to track)
Dave Mason: Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
Mark Stein: Organ, Synthesizer, Electric Piano, Background Vocals

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Gerry Goffin-Carol King)
Searchin' For A Feelin' (Dave Mason-Jerry WIlliams)
The Words (Jim Kruger)
Bird on the Wind (Dave Mason)
Don't It Make You Wonder (Dave Mason)
No Doubt About It (Jerry WIlliams)
So Good To Be Home (Dave Mason-Jerry WIlliams)
Share Your Love (Jerry Williams)
All Gotta Go Sometime (Dave Mason-Jerry WIlliams)
 Warm and Tender Love (Bobby Robinson-Irral Berger)
 Warm Desire (Dave Mason)


Dave Mason
Old Crest On A New Wave (1980)
CBS Records JC36144 (reissued on CD in 1996: One Way Records A26886)

Produced by Joe Wissert & Dave Mason
Album "In Memory Of" Nora Mason & Ira Stein

Dave Mason: Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
Mark Stein: Organ, Piano, Synth., Background Vocals
Jim Krueger: Rythm Guitar
Bob Glaub: Bass
Rick Jaeger: Drums
Ray Revis: Percussion


Paralyzed (F. Merrone, R. Merrone, S. Holsapple, C. Kavooras)
You're A Friend of Mine (Mark Stein)
I'm Missing You (D. Mason)
Talk To Me (D. Mason)
Gotta Be On My Way (D. Mason, Mark Stein)
Save Me (J. Kruegar)
Life is a Ladder (Mark Stein)
Tryin' To Get Back To You (D. Mason)
Get it Right (Les Dudek)
Old Crest on a New Wave (D. Mason, Mark Stein)


Les Dudek
Gypsy Ride (1981)
Columbia Records 36798

Produced by Les Dudek

Les Dudek: Guitar, Vocals
Mark Stein: Synthesizer
Gary Ferguson: Drums
Mike Finnigan: Keyboards, Vocals
Max Gronenthal: Keyboards, Vocals
Marl Hudson: Vocals
Jerry Knight: Vocals
James Newton-Howard: Keyboards
Cliff Newton: Guitar, Vocals
Max Noland: Bass
Peter Schless: Keyboards
Trey Thompson: Bass

What's Lost is Truly Gone
Deja Vu
Sacrifice the Fool
Forever or Never
Too Damn Dizzy
Call Me Later
Gypsy Ride
Hey, Chicky Chicky
Don't Trust That Woman
I'm O.K.


Dave Mason
Some Assembly Required (1981)
Chumley CHL-00101

Dave Mason: Guitar, Vocals, Producer
Mark Stein: Background Vocals
Mike Finnigan: Background Vocals
Margie Gibson: Background Vocals
Larry Cohn: Keyboards
Vince Denham: Saxophone
Mic Gillette: Horn
Max Gronenthal: Background Vocals
Alan Kaplan: Horn
Jim Krueger: Banjo, Guitar, Background Vocals
Bill Meeker: Percussion, Drums
Vernon Porter: Bass, Background Vocals
Charles Sanford: Guitar
David Backstrom: Background Vocals
Jim Porter: Background Vocals

Fools Gold
Hold On
In Love with You
Strong Heart
Sour Grapes
Draw the Line
Walkin' on the Edge
I Can See the Wind
I Love the Music


Vanilla Fudge
Mystery (1984)
ATCO 90149-1

Produced By Spencer Proffer

Mark Stein: Keyboards
Carmine Appice: Drums
Tim Bogert: Bass
Vince Martell: Rythm Guitar
Ron Mancuso and J. Toad (Jeff Beck): Additional Guitars

Golden Age Dreams (Stein-Appice-Hitchings-Bishop) [Real Audio Clip]
Jealousy (Stein-Bishop-Merlino)
Mystery (Stein-Appice-Bishop-Proffer)
Under Suspicion (Stein-Appice-Bishop-Proffer)
It Gets Stronger (Stein-Bishop)
Walk On By (Bacharach-David) [Real Audio Clip]
My World Is Empty (Holland-Dozier-Holland) [Real Audio Clip]
Don't Stop Now (Bogert-St. Nicklaus-Bosnian-Walker-Feldmann-Smith-Fontaine)
Hot Blood (Stein-Appice-Sheets) [Real Audio Clip]
The Stranger (Stein-Appice-Bishop)



Rod Falconer
Rules Of Attraction (1984)
MCA 39016

Joey dePompeis & Peter Bunetta: Drums
Carmine Appice: Drum Synthesizer Programming
Dana Strum: Bass
Mikel Japp: Guitars
Mark Stein: Keyboards
Mikel Japp, Randy Bishop, Rod Falconer: Backing Vocals

Magnetic Wave
Only So Much Time
Comrade Romanov
It Happens Every Day
Basic Urge
Rules Of Attraction
Shadow Of Love
Don't Stop
No Hiding Place
Twilight Zone



Click here for the singles released while Mark was with Vanilla Fudge.


    • Mockingbird

    • Montreal Jail (non-LP song) - [Real Audio Clip] - New!
         - RCA 74-0508

    • Juke It (edited version)

    • Hard Times
        - RCA 74-0580


    Mark Stein

    (This single features Mark on vocals and synthesizer and was released in 1975 in England. "The Best Years..." is a Stein original and a pretty ballad. While the single is fairly hard to find, here's an additional oddity: another version was released with Killing Me Softly With His Song as an alternate B-side!)




In The Can: "Mark Stein"

    Mark recorded a solo album on the CBS label, but it was never released by that company.

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