Mark and Patty are very proud grandparents, and they wish to share their joy with all of you...

Melody and Kristopher - October 2010


Merry Christmas Kristopher!


Merry Christmas Melody!


Melody and Kristopher
They still make Big Wheels? :-)








... "There ain't nothin' I can do about it!" ... he even has the hand moves right!


Kris' 4th Birthday


Kris and Melody in 2009


Kristopher in 2007


"Twinkle twinkle little .... hmmm.... Set me free why don't you babe.... much better."


"I've been tryin... to make you love me..."
Right. With a face as cute as that, who has to try???? :-)


"It's okay that you'd rather have me play guitar, Grandpa.
By the way, what does '...afraid I'll show you up on keys mean?"


Kristopher and Melody enjoy a warm and sunny breeze by the ocean...


Recognize him? No, we don't mean Kristopher. We mean the lap he's sitting on. Perhaps the test would be
 easier if he was wearing a Yankee cap. :-) That's legendary Yankee pitcher Whitey Ford giving Kris a boost.


Kristopher and piano...


Merriam Webster:

    1 : worthy of being adored
    2 : extremely charming <an adorable child>
    3 : Melody


... more to come